DevOps Consultants

DevOps Consultancy

DevOps – the collaboration of software DEVelopment and OPerationS – has revolutionised the software development process.

A single DevOps team with cross-functional members working together can deliver faster, provide greater functionality and development velocity, and innovate. Team members feel more empowered, engaged, have greater personal development opportunities, and avoid an ‘us and them’ inter-team culture.

The benefits of adopting DevOps typically include; faster delivery of new features, improved stability, reduced complexity, and faster resolution of problems.

However for large enterprises, the road to DevOps is rarely simple or smooth – requiring changes in working practices, tools, and most importantly in mindset.

We have overseen multiple DevOps transitions, and can assist with the technical, business, and cultural changes that are required.

This includes :-

  • Implementation of technical “DevOps” practices: Tool development, creation of workflow and continuous delivery processes, automation, scaling, and monitoring.
  • Adoption and training of DevOps tools, such as Jenkins, Anthill Pro, TeamCity, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform and others.
  • Implementation of DevOps-friendly Agile/Lean project methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban.
  • Continuous integration and deployment pipelines and practices.
  • Help with the business transformation requirements, working with BAs and Scrum Masters to shape the mindset changes that such a transition requires.
  • Leading Agile/DevOps project teams.
  • Mentoring team members, from both “Dev” and “Ops” backgrounds.