Cloud consultants

Cloud consultancy services

Cloud computing has revolutionised enterprise data systems and computing.

Operating infrastructure has traditionally been an expensive and cumbersome process, requiring significant capital expenditure, specialist networking and server teams, 24/7 operational teams, and the need to plan and cost for expensive Business Continuity scenarios.

The enterprise benefits and cost-saving opportunities of cloud computing are numerous, including :-

  • Ease of use. The need for expensive highly skilled infrastructure specialists is replaced by easy-to-use web and API-based provisioning systems and managed services.
  • Flexibility. Infrastructure can be “spun up” and “torn down” at will, long lead times and lease agreements are replaced with simple “pay as you go” infrastructure which can be instantly created as needed and destroyed when it is surplus to requirements. Rather than incurring high up-front Capital Expense, your business can pay only what it needs as an Operating Expense. Greater flexibility means that your business can be agile, and respond to changing requirements rapidly without the need to plan ahead in cycles.
  • Reliability. Cloud platforms are designed for much greater level of availability (and at lower cost) than most specialist infrastructure designers can feasibly build. With cloud computing it is also a simple matter to create infrastructure that spans multiple data centers across multiple geographies, something highly expensive and difficult to do with traditional “on premise” infrastructure.
  • Scalable. Infrastructure can near-instantly automatically scale according to growing and “burst” loads, avoid outages and downtime when businesses have unexpected demand spikes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Cloud platforms host computing infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of customers, this allows them to effectively share between their customers the financial and administrative overhead of supporting services. Rather than paying for a full administrative and support team you benefit from these economies of scale and contribute a much smaller amount.
  • Security. Meeting regulatory requirements such as physical security, PCI and HIPAA is expensive and time consuming, and requires regular audits. Using cloud computing means that many of these requirements can be removed or possibly eliminated entirely, as the cloud providers certify their services to meet most security standards.

Our team have experience of numerous Cloud computing platforms including “Infrastructure as a Service” platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and “Platform as a Service” platforms such as Heroku.

Many of the team are AWS qualified, and have certifications including :-

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

They have taken part in and led the design of new cloud-first systems, the expansion of traditional “on premise” data centers into the cloud, and undertaken full migrations of legacy data centers into cloud platforms.

We are experienced in use of AWS facilities including :-

  • Compute
    • EC2
    • ECS
    • Lambda
    • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Storage & Content Delivery
    • S3
    • EFS
    • Glacier
    • CloudFront
  • Database
    • RDS
    • Dynamo
    • ElastiCache
  • Networking
    • VPC
    • Route53
    • CloudFront
  • Management Tools
    • CloudWatch
    • CloudFormation
    • CloudTrail
    • Trusted Advisor
  • Security & Identity
    • IAM
    • WAF
    • Certificate Manager
    • Inspector
  • Application Services
    • API Gateway
    • SQS
    • SNS
  • Deployment and developer tools
    • Elasticsearch Service