Systems Architecture and Web consultancy for businesses

We provide consultancy services for; systems and solution architecture, web and digital infrastructure, cloud infrastructure implementation and migration, and assistance with modernisation of software development practices.

We have decades of web and infrastructure experience and apply modern tools and rapid software development techniques with practical mature experience.

Previous projects include the design and implementation of technology for online newspapers, search portals, eCommerce sites, and broadcast organisations.

Systems and Solution Architecture

We offer systems architecture and solutions architect consultancy to enterprise corporate and SME customers, specialising in traditional, digital, and multi-channel publishing areas.

Our team’s experience includes; content ingestion and transformation, content publishing for both print and digital platforms, feed ingestion and generation, solution development, video ingest, workflow creation, rendering and publishing, asset tagging, video transcoding, and much more.

We work with a range of architectures including SOA platforms, Microservices, and container solutions.

Extreme resilience, high availability, and scalability are a standard approach for us, as are taking a practical cost-effective approach to architecture design.

Cloud infrastructure creation and migration

Adoption of cloud technology, either as an extension of on-premise data-centers or a full-scale cloud migration, brings a huge range of business benefits.

These include; flexibility and rapid build of new systems, global infrastructure, disaster recovery, a reduction in capital-expenditure spend, increased collaboration and remote working, reduction in infrastructure maintenance cost through managed services, and greater security.

Our team has many years of cloud experience of both new builds and migrations, and we are AWS certified for Solutions Architecture, Development, and SysOps Administration.

DevOps and modern development processes

DevOps – the collaboration of software DEVelopment and OPerationS – has revolutionised the software development process. Companies that adopt DevOps practices achieve much more in less time.

A single DevOps team with cross-functional members working together can deliver faster, provide greater functionality and development velocity, and innovate. Team members feel more empowered, engaged, have greater personal development opportunities, and avoid an ‘us and them’ inter-team culture.

The technical benefits typically include; faster delivery of new features, improved stability, reduced complexity, and faster resolution of problems.

However for large enterprises, the road to DevOps is rarely simple or smooth – requiring changes in working practices, tools, and most importantly in mindset and internal culture.

We have overseen multiple DevOps transitions, and can assist with the technical, business, and cultural changes that are required.


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